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Jodi Fiore always loved writing and illustrating her own stories when she was a little girl. 

Her grandmother Leah was one of her biggest fans and always encouraged Jodi to keep working on her stories.

Jodi published her first story, Lia-Ria and the Lockdown Drill in 2010.

The premise of the Lia-Ria Adventure Series is to explain sensitive issues or topics to children in a way that they can understand more easily.

Jodi has been teaching kindergarten since 2007 and credits the brilliant imaginations of her little students for inspiring her writing and illustrations. The author is also completing her Masters Degree in school counseling.

Jodi loves hearing from Lia-Ria fans, fellow authors, teachers, and counselors! 

You can contact the author via email:
Look for Lia-Ria Adventures on the internet:
Facebook: Lia-Ria Adventure Series by Jodi Fiore
Twitter: @LiaRiaStories
Instagram: lia_ria_adventures

About the Author:

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